We are passionate about this because we learned the truth about the human hair industry the hard way and we do not want you to make the same mistakes that we made.  Our founder Melinda Marie,  believes that those with knowledge are obligated to share it with others. Read her story below…


It all started with a big chop, yes, I cut every inch of my hair off down to a brush cut. No transition at all. I actually loved the look but shortly after my kinky natural hair started to grow back I was faced with a major challenge. My challenge was finding hairstyles that were protective, made me feel confident, but were also acceptable to wear to work. The simple option was hair extensions, I tried everything. Regardless of whether they called it Brazilian, Remy, or Virgin it all ended up being a matted mess that shed everywhere after a month or so.

I began to research and dig deeper for a better quality of hair. I had no intention of starting a company, I just simply wanted to invest my money in hair that would last. I was sick of being bamboozled by distributors and beauty supply stores. I researched over two years before I got to the bottom of the human hair industry. Along the way, I ran into so many myths, scam artists, and flat out lies. During this time I wasted thousands sampling different companies and vendors that claimed to have virgin hair.

Although I took a major financial loss, I learned some valuable information and ending up launching The Imported Tresses. I learned that the human hair extensions industry is not regulated. I learned that even some distributors had no real knowledge of their product they just wanted to make money. I learned that we as women have built a billion dollar industry but Asians and men are the main ones benefiting from it financially. Realizing that I was not the only woman facing these challenges, I felt morally obligated to expose the truth to others to rid them of the stress and financial hardship that comes with joining the hair extensions industry.

-Melinda Marie, Founder